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Welcome to Completely Independent Insurance Agency

Completely Independent Insurance Agency is a full-service insurance agency. We help the people protect themselves against the contingencies of life. Although it is not always possible to predict or prevent accidents, it is possible to prepare for them. A sound insurance policy can help you cope with the financial fallout from devastating and disastrous events.

Completely Independent Insurance Agency offers auto, home, commercial, motorcycle, umbrella, life, condo, RV, and landlord insurance policies.

If you rent an apartment, your lease agreement will most likely hold you responsible for any damage to the space by you or anyone staying with you. Taking out renters’ insurance can help you deal with unforeseen events that can lead to serious damage to your apartment. Your landlord will be responsible for paying for any structural damage resulting from neglect. But you will have to pay for any damage done to the property while you occupied it.

Commercial Insurance Experts

If you own a small business, you should take out commercial insurance to protect your property and other assets. This type of insurance can protect you from losses owing to property damage, business interruption, theft, and premises liability. It can help you preserve your bottom line against incidents and accidents you have no control over.

At Completely Independent Insurance Agency, we believe the client best knows their circumstances and priorities. Our service representatives are guided by the kind of life you live and the things you consider most precious and important to you. We will formulate an insurance policy that will help protect the things that matter most. We also believe that people should know what to expect from their insurance policy should they ever need it. That is why we will insure you understand the policy you have taken out before you commit to it.

If you want solid insurance coverage for any area of your life, you should contact us for a free quote.