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Motorcycle Insurance

At Completely Independent Insurance Agency we offer motorcycle insurance with the needs of residents in mind. While shopping around for new motorcycle insurance can feel like a chore, it can also be exciting and rewarding to find a motorcycle policy that matches your list's needs.

What is motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is an insurance policy that covers motorcycles and similar vehicles. It also sometimes covers vehicles that are similar to motorcycles, like scooters. The specifics of policies vary.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

As mentioned above, motorcycle insurance covers expenses related to accidents, damage, and theft of a motorcycle. If you get into an accident with a motorcycle and another driver or pedestrian, you will want to have a motorcycle coverage policy in effect before this happens. By law, motorcycle operators are recovered to have motorcycle insurance coverage in most states, if not all states.

Motorcycle insurance can cover the other party's accident-related medical expenses if you are found to be 100% at fault in the accident. It can also cover repairs to your motorcycle if it is damaged during an accident. Additionally, if your bike is stolen or destroyed, it can replace a motorcycle up to a certain value named in the policy after the deductible has been covered.

Overall, every motorcycle insurance policy is different. The specific amounts and limits on motorcycle insurance vary, so you will want to talk with a qualified insurance professional as you choose your policy.

Why we recommend getting motorcycle insurance

We recommend motorcycle insurance for every motorcycle insurance owner because you never know what will happen when you take your motorcycle on the road. It protects you and ensures you can prepare for high expenses related to accidents and other unexpected events.

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